Starting this year 2023, the official theme "EXALOS PERKUMPULAN PECINTA SATWA EXOTIC INDONESIA" will change to "EXALOS PENYELAMATAN DAN EDUKASI ULAR INDONESIA". However, for the public branding they still use Exalos Indonesia as Chairman of Exalos Indonesia, Janu W. Widodo, said that with the change in the official name, all Exalos Indonesia activities would adjust.

"And along with the issuance of a bank account in the name of EXALOS RESCUE AND EDUCATION OF THE INDONESIAN SNAKE, we visually made a new pamphlet that matches that name," said Janu. The pamphlet, he continued, could be used for publication purposes for the public who wish to receive snake rescue and snake education services.

Also includes the Vespa affinis wasp extermination service from EXALOS INDONESIA, which is provided free of charge or voluntarily. "Thank you very much for all the support so that in the future EXALOS INDONESIA will be bigger, professional and useful for society," said Janu.

Furthermore, for those who want to become Exalos Indonesia volunteers, please click the green button below: