After last month, in 2022, Exalos Indonesia provided snake handling training to the Bhayangkara Corps, today, Monday (January 2023) it is the TNI's turn to be given. The Raider 6/TSB/2 Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Army Strategic Command (Kostrad) received the training today. The chairman of Exalos Indonesia, Janu Wahyu Widodo, who is also a member of Brigif 6 Kostrad, led the Exalos Indonesia team during the training. 

The Infantry Captain, Adik Sunarto, as the Deputy Commander of the 6/TSB/2 Raider Mechanized Brigade Headquarters Detachment of Kostrad, thanked Janu Widodo because by socializing the introduction of snakes and this workshop, all those soldiers are expected not to be afraid of snakes. "And knowing what to do when meeting a snake and how to first handle when bitten by a snake," said Captain Inf. Adik Sunarto.

According to Janu Widodo, although it has not been routinely carried out in the TNI as a whole, it has become a routine activity in Brigif 6. "Because a soldier cannot be separated from encountering snakes and getting dangerous from the presence of snakes in nature, during training or operational duties," said Janu. He hopes that training like this can be carried out at all levels of the TNI, because the military's task environment never compromises with danger.